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Italian Language Instruction

GCICS offers two opportunities to learn or practice Italian at no extra cost to members in good standing: 

  1. Italian for beginners and, 

  2. Italian conversation.  

Sessions are held weekly on Wednesday afternoons, except for a hiatus in summer.  Each session lasts one hour. Both are led by Prof. Paola Tate, former professor of Italian at Ohio State University, and are free to GCICS members in good standing. Interested members need to register with the GCICS Secretary at Those interested must enroll before the start date of each period and maintain a reasonable commitment to attend.

There are two time periods (a) September through December and (b) January through June.

The current schedule on Wednesdays is: 

  • "Italian for Beginners": 2:00 - 3:00 pm Eastern time and, 

  • "Italian Conversation": 3:00 - 4:00 pm Eastern time.    


The Spring session begins January 11, 2023.

Unlike previously, "Italian for Beginners" will now be taught on a structured schedule with the understanding that those signing up for this segment attend every week. Reasonable exceptions are understood.

These sessions are held on Zoom. Once signed up, an email with the ZOOM gateway link and code will be sent to the participants.

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