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Cultural Activities


Professor Davide Tanasi Archaeology


Dr. Jonathan Scott Perry Cinema/ History


We strive to present a series of presentations, talks and interactive discussions with an underlying theme of Italy’s influence in the arts and sciences across the centuries and up to our times.  


Among topics presented live in Sarasota or on Zoom from locations in Europe:

  • The “creation of modern science” by Galileo Galilei

  • Classic Italian film matinees

  • Archaeological discoveries in the southern Mediterranean Sea

  • The diet of ancient Sicilians

  • Panoramas of life and attractions in (a) rural Tuscany and (b) the foothill of the Alps

  • Growing up in Italy during the waning months of World War II

  • Live demonstrations of sculpting in Sicily

  • Italian influence in the Istrian peninsula and Eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea

  • Presentations of travel books authored by GCICS members.


A key ingredient of Italian culture, present in everyday life, is the country’s rich and diverse cuisine and viticulture.  Recognizing this GCICS organizes events led by experts in each field.  These include both cooking demonstrations and wine tastings.


Gianni Sessa Sculptor


Leita Kaldi Davis  Author


Claudia Zeni Travel

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