GCICS offers social and cultural activities October through May. Fundraising events support student scholarships and awards.

Our events run the gamut from Italian Language Instructions, Family Outings, Italian Films, Concerts, Operas, Picnics, Lectures, Sporting Events, Student Exchanges, Scholarship Awards, Informal Dining ‘Club’, and Culinary Art Classes. Please refer to the following schedule for our 2018-2019 Calendar of Events, some tentative and incomplete, and be sure to check back monthly (see our La Voce di GCICS newsletter) to see if there are any changes or additions to dates or events.



Other Cultural/Social Events

All the pertinent details of many of the following events are yet to be determined. However in the interest of helping you manage your calendar – reserving dates – we shall provide all the currently available data, and commit to provide other pertinent information, such as contact data, costs, reservation/payment deadlines, etc, as they become available. It is strongly suggested you view the NEWSLETTER link of this website for the relevant month to ascertain the most current information for the event of such month, particularly as regards the ad hoc scheduling of the popular Dinner Club get together that members organize and participate on their own initiative without formal organizational control/directions.